Read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Clarity Business IT Solutions below. Have a question we haven’t listed, Contact Us about it.

  • What is Clarity, as a company?

    Clarity IT Solutions is a business-to-business information technology consulting firm. We provide professional-level IT support services such as IT system monitoring, IT support, contingency services, long-term IT planning, and can source and integrate a wide variety of software and hardware.

  • What areas does Clarity service?

    We service Northern and Central California.

    While we are based out of Folsom, California, and service many clients in the greater Sacramento area. We also provide service to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chico, Placerville, Modesto, and Santa Cruz.

  • What types of businesses and organizations does Clarity service?

    We provide service to organizations from a variety of industries and can service any industry.

    Industries of our clients: Architectural design, engineering, banking, building inspection, construction, healthcare, property management, disaster cleanup, investment, and and brewing.

    Our typical client has 1-3 office locations, between 10-100 employees, has at least one server, and utilizes a hybrid of local and cloud-based IT systems.

  • How quickly can Clarity respond to an IT emergency?

    If the situation allows remote connectivity to the impacted computer or network, the response time may be a few minutes or less. If we need to dispatch to your location for on-site support the response time usually takes about an hour.

  • How does Clarity charge for IT support?

    It depends on if you need one-time IT support or ongoing support (Managed IT Services).

    If you need IT support in the moment, outside of an ongoing Managed IT situation, we can assist on-site at your location or remotely. Remote IT support can include support by telephone, remote control of your computer or server, or a combination of both. Remote support has no minimum and is billed in 15-minute increments. For on-site support there is a 2 hour billing minimum, with 15-minute increments thereafter.

    We charge the same hourly rate for support and projects, and the rate is the same 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no higher rate for after-hours or emergencies.

    For information on on-call hourly rates or Managed IT services, call 916-913-9951 or email info@clarityreached.com.

  • If I become a regular client, how does billing work?

    Time and materials, invoiced each month. If there are no materials, it’s just time. Invoices are itemized with all costs explained. Every IT support occurrence is logged with the exact minute it started and stopped along with a written description of what was done.

    Our hourly rate is the same, day and night, 365 days a year, so you know what to expect.

  • I have a small business – Can I afford Clarity?

    Small business IT support is what we specialize in. Clarity’s overhead is low because we keep administration costs down. Clarity’s pricing for on-call support and Managed IT Services is affordable, compared to our competitors, the cost of hiring an IT person and lost business and productivity from IT issues. It doesn't cost as much as you think to ensure that your IT environment is working properly.

  • Is Clarity able to handle small and large IT projects?

    Clarity has the resources to respond to a wide range of IT situations or projects, from the individual workstation to the server farm. The in-house experience and talent at Clarity is small, but unsurpassed. Further, our company maintains a network of experienced and local IT professionals that provide a level of support that is scalable to companies of all sizes. This network works better than traditional IT consulting firms because you get greater specialization and a bigger commitment to quality.

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