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Recent news stories of servers and computers being infected with viruses/malware or hacked are not rare occurrences that only happen to big targets. They happen to everyday businesses and people.

When setting up technology for an office, there is often less of a focus network security and general digital security. There is an immediate focus on the Internet service, a network router, and ensuring the right computers, laptops and tablets are connected via wired or wifi network connections. Other items like network switches are brought in for larger offices to connect more wired devices.

When small and medium sized businesses were surveyed it was found that many of them did not give attention to the security of their systems beyond virus protection software.

Many business owners and managers don’t consider this important if they aren’t working with medical, financial, government, or other sensitive data.

“My company doesn’t store credit cards or important information like that. We don’t need extra security.” This is often the message recited.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • If a virus came into your network and all of your shared company data became corrupt and permanently unusable in a day, would that be hurtful to your business?

  • If a hacker penetrated your network and rerouted all of your staff to fake websites that stole several credit card numbers and identities, would that be harmful to your productivity?

  • If malware was hiding on your server and slowly sending your company’s financial, contract, marketing, and product and service information to your biggest competitor, would that be upsetting to business plan and growth?

These questions aren’t distant possibilities. They happen to many companies in the area each day.

Some situations are localized to one computer. Some spread across computers and servers. Some companies don’t even realize that it happened until permanent damage has been done.

Over 1 in 4 companies that contact Clarity for help have experienced a network security issue that caused minor or significant losses. These issues are often the reason they are contacting us.

It is critical that businesses of all sizes think actively about the digital security of all levels of their organization. Much can be done to prevent these issues from happening and reduce the level of loss should they happen.

Clarity is happy to take a look at your network and systems to see if there are areas of improvement, and assist in the implementation in any protections. We also offer a number of services to manage existing technology and be an ongoing point-of-contact for IT support and direction. Reach out to us today and we can meet to discuss your existing systems, present needs, and future considerations.

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