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Clarity Business IT Solutions can help companies with their technology support and development in a number of ways. We are here to be your IT consultant (like an in-house IT department without the cost). You choose the level at which you want to work with us. Either way, we won’t take up space at your building or on your payroll sheet.

Our approach to IT with clients is to be as simple and direct as possible. We want you to understand the what, why, and how when it comes to our work. Educating our clients is an important part of what we do.

For support of your technology, Clarity can be your primary IT contact. Some examples of the functions we can perform for your company:

  • Technical support and general IT help.

  • Emergency support for any IT problem.

  • Computer and laptop repair.

  • Virus and malware cleanup and prevention.

  • Fix little problems or annoyances with systems.

  • Server management and administration.

  • Security protection of files and systems from both external and internal threats.

  • Establish and maintain a true backup system that copies files, databases and settings. This backup could be local, cloud-based, or both. This includes servers, computers, mobile devices, and network hardware.

  • Proactive maintenance and updates to computers, servers, and network equipment. This includes critical security updates.

  • Active monitoring of your computers, servers and the network so problems are detected immediately day or night – 24/7.

  • Administration of users on network, internet accounts and phone system.

  • Email spam filtering.

  • Guidance for better business and IT management, security, disaster planning, communications (phone, email, chat, etc.), web presence, and marketing.

You can determine which items you would like us to address and whether you want them just done once or on an ongoing basis through Managed IT Services. Anything we do can is customized based on your need and budget.

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Service Levels Provided by Clarity:

  • On-Call Support (Any Time You Need It)

    This is help as you need it to either address problems with your hardware or software, for maintenance or miscellaneous tasks. It can also be for IT consulting. Examples include an emergency IT situation, advice on a direction to take with an IT purchase, or regular maintenance and updates on select systems. This level of service is popular with companies who have an on-site IT person, but want a tier-2/tier-3 IT contact for a higher level support or for special IT projects.

  • Managed IT – Network & Servers

    This is the first tier of our managed IT service, which provides proactive maintenance and monitoring of your network and servers. Throughout the month, we perform a large list of maintenance tasks to keep your servers and network running efficiently. Data from your servers is backed up. Any problems, minor to major are detected immediately and addressed quickly. This service addresses just servers and network equipment (routers, switches, and similar), not computers or other devices. There is a flat monthly rate that covers all support for your servers and network equipment.

  • Managed IT – Complete

    Complete IT management: It covers every device and service that your company wishes to have managed, including computers, servers, network equipment, printers, smart phones, tablets, local software . On an ongoing basis, your systems receive maintenance, they are monitored for connectivity and trouble, and they are administered based on your organization’s needs. Updates and patches are applied to all devices, as they are released (this includes security updates). A great benefit of this level is that is provides on-call desktop support to fix computer problems. This is the most proactive approach to IT. It’s like having an IT department without the expensive payroll. There is one flat monthly rate for all support under this service level. Clients with this service level receive a discounted labor rate for any IT consulting and projects that go beyond support.

The Difference Between Us and Other IT Companies:

  • Local Support, Day or Night

    We don’t outsource any of our IT support. You won’t reach a call center at any point day or not. Your support is always provided by technicians located in the greater Sacramento area and nearby.

  • Dedicated Technician

    Whether by phone or in person, you will receive independent attention with your IT issues. Your technician will be the same one who provides support every time. You can call, text, or email to get the support you need.

  • Experienced Help

    Your business needs its technology systems working properly. Downtime means wasted time, productivity, and money. We don't want to waste your time, either, which is why we will respond quickly with an experienced technician (or technicians), not a newbie. We will work hard to get your systems running properly.

  • Reasonable Pricing

    Clarity does not have an expensive office with executives, payroll, and a big marketing budget. We keep things small and run things intelligently. This is why we have the lowest pricing for the level of business IT support and consulting we provide.

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Clarity Business IT Solutions and our service model. You can also talk to us by calling (916) 913-9951.

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