23Oct 2023

Phishing Lessons - Quick Summary

23Oct 2023

How to Know if an Email is Phishing

29Nov 2021

Continued Awareness About Scam Emails, Texts, and Phone Calls

Scammers are constantly trying to trick people with fake emails, text messages, and phone calls in order to steal money, information, or cause general damage. A quiet awareness keeps us safe.

13Oct 2021

What is ClarITy

A simple introduction to IT management and support provided by ClarITy Business IT Solutions, a Folsom-Sacramento company that helps other businesses succeed through properly working and modern technology.

08Mar 2021

The Types of IT Management

When it comes to how companies manage their technology, there are different methods they choose or sometimes they fall into without much notice. Most small businesses will fit into one of the following situations:

08Jul 2018

Government Technology Management

Managing the technology systems of a government entity (agency, department, council, etc.) can require varying levels of involvement. There are variables that must be taken into account to ensure compliance with law, policy, security, and the specific needs of the organization in their service to the public.

28Jun 2018

Making Business Technology Decisions

There seems to be a new and exciting technology development every month. It can be hard to know what technology could be beneficial to our business and personal lives.

06Feb 2017

Ransomware Threat for Businesses

The problem is not well-known by many in the world. Many individuals, companies, and organizations around the United States learn about it when they are directly exposed to it through an infected computer or network environment.

05Aug 2013

3 R's to Fix Most IT Problems

When you are first hit with an IT problem, you may try changing a million settings and running through user guides for answers. I have found that 50% of IT problems can be fixed by following these simple steps.

30Jul 2013

3 Things to Look for With an IT Professional

If you’re about to make a change with your business’ IT systems, chances are you’re in research mode right now, looking for expert advice about which direction to go. You’ve most likely considered hiring an IT professional to help with the process.

30Jul 2013

Finding the Best IT Services Company

If you are searching for an IT services company or professional for your company or personal life, you may feel a bit lost. To some, there is too much information and all of it tells you to go in a different direction.

18Jul 2013

Talking Business Technology Over Coffee

One could look at us and say that we are a little obsessed with information technology (IT). We will be the first to admit that we are. We are very much IT nerds.