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Several of our clients have taken the time to share a little or a lot about their experience with our company. They submitted testimonials of their overall experience with our company and staff. We have posted these client reviews below.

I have to say Adam that over 25 years of hiring subcontractors you have fit in better then any company or person I can think of!!!!! You are doing a great job! I can say that the feeling is shared by all of us.

Jeff ClarkClark Computer Services

I was very nervous about letting our IT guy go. He had been with us since college, but we had to cut costs. I found Clarity on Google a couple months ago and it has been a pleasure ever since. They do everything remotely so the response is quick and less intrusive. We did have a printer issue once and they were out here in 20 minutes working on it. Very cool. And more affordable than I thought.


Adam has been our contact since day one and he is always there for us. One of our managers even had to call him the day after Thanksgiving, but he answered and stayed with him until the problem was resolved. The entire experience has been quite wonderful.

Vanessa KilpatrickTownsend Capital LLC

We really appreciate all that you do and I especially love the speedy response times and paperwork.

Lisa E.

About three months ago we contacted Clarity IT for an issue we were having with Quickbooks Enterprise. There was an issue with other workstations being able to share the file over the network. We tried everything in the help, online tutorials, we even called Intuit tech support – nothing worked. We bit the bullet and decided to call for help. I had one of my staff look up local IT support companies. Quite a few came up. I phoned one, no answer. Phone another, they wanted $175 per hour. The next company I could barely understand the person I was talking to. I thought I had dialed a 916 number, but he sounded like he was from across the world. Unfortunately, Clarity was the last company I called. It took forever to get through the clutter to discover what turned out to be a gem. Sean answered and talked with us about our problem. They said they would be able to get a tech out in less than 30 minutes. The tech Adam got here and didn’t waste my time before getting on my computer to work on the problem. After making a few changes that he explained, but I had no idea what he was talking about (not his fault, just stuff I don’t come close to understanding), everyone was able to log back onto Quickbooks. It took him about 20 minutes to figure it out after we had spent a day and a half trying to fix it. After that, things were fine for a couple weeks, then we had a problem with our color printer. We swapped the drum, the toner, turned it on and off – still nothing worked. It’s a $600 printer that we had picked up a few months prior so I decided to call Clarity again. Adam, the tech, talked to us on the phone and walked us through a solution in, to our surprise (again), just 5 minutes. At that point, they told us about their Managed IT program and sent us some paperwork. The price was much cheaper than what I thought it would be to have a company at our beck and call for IT support so we went with it. I did the math and found it to be much cheaper having them come out at their rate where they were able to fix our problems much faster than we could. I can’t even count the number of issues Clarity has helped us out even in the short time we’ve had their service. Honestly, one of the best purchases I’ve made for our business. Any company looking for a cheap way to get through frustrating, time-wasting IT problems should give them a call.

WilliamDrake Construction

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