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Are you considering the cloud for your business? Are you looking to bring more of your company’s systems into the cloud? Or are in the cloud, but not satisfied with the systems in place?

Cloud with ClarITy can help with all of these scenarios.

We provide a number of internet-based solutions for businesses. These solutions are housed in a physically and digitally secure data center with ample bandwidth and redundancy to secondary data centers. Our solutions are dedicated and isolated so you don’t have to worry about sharing a system with another company that is using a lot of resources or that could breach your information.

Cloud Solutions:

  • Email

    Cloud-based email solutions either through ClarITy Mail or through hosted Exchange.

  • Telephone

    VoIP makes having a complex phone system possible for any sized business with ClarITy Phone.

  • File Sharing

    Looking to access your data in a protected cloud space either through VPN or a remote desktop solution? ClarITy eData makes cloud storage and easy, secure access possible.

  • Backup

    Off-site backup to the cloud is critical to protect your data from hardware failure, theft, natural disaster and viruses. ClarITy Backup is a solution that will protect your data.

  • Remote Desktop

    Would you rather remote into a Windows desktop environment from anywhere to access your applications, email, data and other systems. ClarITy eDesktop will allow your staff to access a remote desktop environment that houses all of their needs.

What Sets Clarity Apart:

  • Setup and Training

    Getting started, setting up, and learning how to use cloud services can be difficult and frustrating. We can be there with you both remotely and on-site to ensure you are setup and rolling. Our follow-up policy with you and your staff is consistent to ensure fluency and satisfaction.

  • Fast Support

    You are given priority at ClarITy. You don’t get caught up with customer service agents who don’t know what’s going on. You will reach technicians directly for answers and personal help. Also, as a Cloud by ClarITy customer you have a direct line to the owner.

  • Local Support

    All of your contact with our company is with our California technicians. You don’t have to interact with a difficult phone tree or speak with anyone at a call center, here or oversees. You will get a personal experience. If help is needed on-site at your business, we will be there for you.

  • Secure

    Our systems are isolated, unlike the large companies. These big companies are targets for thousands of hackers each year, and breaches are common.


  • HIPAA Compliance

    Our data storage and environments meet and exceed compliance standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If your medical office or organization needs a reliable solution that secures and encrypts your data, you’ve found it.

  • NIST Compliance

    The systems we house exceed recommended standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). If your organization has strict guidelines for data security you can rely on ClarITy’s multi-layer protections to keep your information safe.

Learn More

Quotes for any Cloud by ClarITy service can be provided within a business day. We just need to have a conversation about your needs, applications, numbers of users, existing systems and similar so we can get a sense for what needs to be done to adopt our solutions.

Give us a call at (916) 913-9951 or email us using the form to the right and we’ll talk.

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