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Much of the information in people’s lives nowadays is digital. Documents are stored on computers, laptops, phones, tablets and digital media such as flash drives and DVDs. Much communication is done via written email or text communications. Research is conducted using the internet and these devices, as well.

A lot of this information is stored on these devices and can be recovered with the right processes, even if the information has been deleted or the device damaged.

The need for discovery experts who can analyze these devices is critical in the modern world. This is where ClarITy can help.

Clarity Business IT Solutions provides services for computer forensics to aid businesses and law firms in investigations. From employee assessments to civil and criminal investigations, we have the tools for any in-depth examination.

Adherence to industry standards and best practices is critical when dealing with media retention and analysis and something we take seriously. Strict chain-of-custody protocols are followed throughout the process. Evidence submitted can be collected, transported and safeguarded until the analysis is complete. All evidence is handled carefully with digital media copied so copies can be worked with while preserving and storing originals.

Depending on the situation, work can be conducted on-site as the client’s location, at our office, or in a forensic lab.

Digital Forensic Services:

  • Digital imaging of media to ensure preservation of data.

  • Duplication of any media or specific recovered items on media of choice.

  • Retrieval of deleted files and documents, including erased browsing history.

  • Deleted file and document recovery.

  • Deleted email and email log recovery.

  • Deleted browser history recovery.

  • Authorship history of documents.

  • Create and revision history of files.

  • Computer change history.

  • Database reconstruction.

  • Forensic data recovery of damaged devices.

You can determine which items you would like us to address and whether you want them just done once or on an ongoing basis through Managed IT Services. Anything we do can is customized based on your need and budget.

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Devices Covered:

  • Computers and Laptops

  • Servers (Data, Email, Web)

  • Mobile Phones

  • Tablets

  • Hard Drives (Internal or External)

  • Flash Drives and Memory Cards

  • Digital Cameras

  • Fax Machines

  • Tape Drives

  • CDs and DVDs

Situations Where We Can Assist:

  • Written Testimony

    Following an investigation, Clarity can provide a complete written report regarding our processes and the results of the analysis, including an interpretation of any information uncovered.

  • Expert Witness

    If you need a computer forensic expert to appear as part of proceedings we will be there to provide information about the tools and processes used to uncover our results, and interpret what was uncovered.

  • Opposing Expert Evaluation

    If your legal case is involves forensic analysis by an expert from the opposing party, we can assess their analysis and findings, including the quality of their processes and accuracy of their results.

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