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Every year, more and more of our business operations and personal lives become reliant on technology. These two subjects are often intertwined as we use our mobile devices for both home and office work.

Technology does magnificent things for businesses in Sacramento. It automates processes that previously required labor time, sometimes by a skilled professional. This modernization helps us stay organized and get more done with less.

With these advancements comes the realization that so much of our livelihood is reliant on these information technology systems working properly for us. And if you are someone who has used a computer or any “smart” device, you know they don’t always work properly.

Having an IT person or department is a costly investment that many companies find too expensive to maintain. This is especially true for small businesses. However, when problems arise and you need IT help, you couldn’t be more grateful for having support.

We have a balanced solution for you.

Managed IT is a service offered by Clarity that makes it easy and inexpensive for businesses and professionals to have their own IT Department. From the home-based business with one person to the 100-user office building environment, solutions exist for your business.

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Benefits of Managed IT Sacramento Services

  • Affordable: Paying Information Technology support staff members is expensive. The average salary for an IT specialist employee is around $50,000 per year or more. If you’re looking for someone who is familiar with server and network environments, that can go up to $80,000-100,000. Clarity provides Managed IT for Sacramento businesses that’s a fraction of that cost.
  • Quick: Trying to resolve IT problems yourself or through an untrained employee wastes time and leads to prolonged downtime. Clarity responds quickly to Sacramento Managed IT clients.
  • Time & Money Saved: How much time have you or your staff wasted trying to get a new computer, device or software program to work properly? How much was that time worth? You will see the time and money savings right away with Clarity as your on-call IT support.
  • Varied Education & Experience: Some businesses have an IT support person or another staff member who is knowledgeable about computers. However, their knowledge is limited, which can result in loss of productivity when certain problems arise. Clarity’s staff and network of professionals cover all avenues of IT. There hasn’t been a problem that we couldn’t resolve after pooling together.
  • No Space Needed: We are your outsourced IT support solution. You do not need to find space for us since we work remotely or visit your location(s), as needed.

What Services are Included with Managed IT?

There are different levels of IT managed services you can choose from with Clarity. You can include computer monitoring, network monitoring, updates, maintenance, emergency-only support, day-time IT support, after-hours IT support and other features.

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Clarity’s Managed IT Sacramento solution provides at-the-ready IT support for your business. Business owners and managers have peace of mind about their IT systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Experience this peace in knowing your entire infrastructure is being monitored 24/7 and that problems will be addressed quickly should they arise. Contact Clarity Business IT Solutions today to learn more about this easy and affordable service.

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