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When an IT problem strikes a computer, server or other system at your Sacramento home or business, its timely repair is critical. Getting reconnected to your IT systems as soon as possible will prevent lost productivity.

Most problems that occur on computers and other devices are related to the software, not the hardware. The software in question could be an application like Microsoft Outlook or an operating system like Microsoft Windows. With hardware issues, an on-site presence is needed to remove and repair or replace troubled hardware. However, with many software problems, a technician does not need to be there in front of the machine. The technician can instead access the system remotely over the internet and provide support. This service is called Remote IT Support and is used commonly by Clarity to provide support to its clients.

Remote IT support is also referred to as remote tech support, instant IT support, or immediate IT support. It is automatically included with our Managed IT service. It provides our technician with quick access to your computer or device so we can begin solving the problem, even if the problem goes outside of the device we are connecting to. We can work with single-device environments or complex hybrid IT environments.

Why Remote IT Support?

So why is there a need to use Clarity’s Sacramento Remote IT Support versus have a technician visit your location to provide help? For two reasons, really:

  1. Response Time: When a technician has to drive out to your location that creates a greater delay. When a problem strikes one or more of your IT systems, it is often important to get those systems running properly as soon as possible. You don’t want to suffer the financial burden of lost productivity that can result from downtime. Remote IT support begins as soon as the technician is available, which is often minutes or less.
  2. Problem Depth: Many computer, server, printer and network problems can be resolved relatively quickly by our technicians. This doesn’t mean they are simple problems in the eyes of the greater population. It just means our support techs have the knowledge and experience to fix them quickly. It makes much more sense to have a tech connect remotely to your system and resolve the problem quickly versus create a full site visit.
  3. Cost: The hourly rate for on-site visits is greater than the rate for remote support because of transportation and labor costs from driving to/from your location. Also, remote support is by the minute, not by the quarter hour like with on-site support. This equates to a less expensive support call.

Is Remote IT Support Safe and Secure?

Yes; completely. We use special remote support software that communicates with your machine using a secure and encrypted connection. With this, you can trust that the technical support you are receiving will not compromise your IT systems.

How Does the Remote IT Support Process Work?

We provide you with a link to download and install the remote support software. After you install it, you provide us with the one-time-access information shown to you by the application. We use this information to connect to your machine. The software allows us to share your screen and provides with some control so we can diagnose and repair the problem. Everything we do can be seen by you. You can close the connection at any time.

All problems are addressed by educated, experienced and locally based technicians. We do not outsource to other areas or outside the country. You are getting someone local. This is important to us because if the problem is more complex and we need to visit your location, the same person who diagnosed will be visiting. We don’t pass you on (no transfers). Another reason we find locally based IT technicians important is because of the language factor. It can be very difficult speaking to someone oversees where the English language and culture is second for them.

How Do I Begin a Remote IT Support Session?

To start, call us at (916) 913-9951 and ask to begin a remote support session. If you are a new client, we will need to collect some basic information. Download the remote software and install it. Open the software when it asks you to and provide us with the access information shown in the window of the application by telephone. We will begin.

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