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So you work or live in the Sacramento area and your computer, laptop or mobile device starts acting strange; A different kind of strange beyond slowness that is usually experienced at some point.

Here are some of the strange behaviors that can occur when you have a virus or malware on your computer:

  • Your computer is suddenly very slow. While this could indicate something else like a failing hard drive, when it happens all of a sudden, seems to be slow all the time and there are no unusual noises coming from your computer it could indicate an infection.

  • You get unusual pop-ups saying things like “your computer has a virus”, “virus detected”, or similar from a window or program you’ve never seen before. It may also ask for you to pay for virus protection.

  • You see new software running on your machine that you’ve never seen before or remember installing.

  • You see virus software on your machine that you’ve never seen before and it keeps warning you about a virus. It might also ask you to pay to have it removed.

  • Your web browser home page is different than it was before.

  • Search engine results don’t look the same. There are additional paid ads, the text looks different, or otherwise.

  • Your files won’t open. Windows gives you some kind of error when trying, such as “cannot be opened” or “does not recognize”.

  • You are missing files that you knew were there before.

  • You recall clicking on a link or opened a file attached to an email that you aren’t sure was legitimate.

Note: Don’t pay money to anyone when prompted to by your computer, even if they say they’re in Sacramento or near to where you live. It is very likely a scam. First, reach out to a computer repair professional for assistance in finding out what’s happening.

If any of these are occurring or have occurred for you, there is a strong chance that your device has been infected with a virus.

Viruses and malware (also known as spyware) do a variety of things to your machine. They can either be a slight inconvenience or devastate things for you. The best course of action when you have been exposed to a virus is to shutdown your device and contact an IT professional for assistance in identifying and working to remedy the situation.

Waiting could lead to further loss, including your files, operating system, and even your identity through identify theft.

If your Sacramento-area business or home computer has a suspect virus or malware infection, you can get answers with the help of ClarITy. We have helped numerous clients through infections.

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