When you are first hit with an IT problem, you may try changing a million settings and running through user guides for answers. I have found that 50% of IT problems can be fixed by following these simple steps:

Step 1 – Restart

Restart your computer, phone, or the computer program that’s giving you trouble. If a software application is giving you trouble, you may need to reboot the whole computer or device to “fully” close it down. Wait 15 seconds after it’s fully shutdown (or closed) before turning it back on or reopening. Rebooting is shown to fix it problems for a majority of people.

Instructions on how to reset your devices safely (pick your device from below; if it’s not listed, contact us):
How to restart a PC computer
How to restart an Apple or Mac computer
How to restart an iPad or iPhone
How to Reset Samsung Galaxy devices
How to restart a Windows Surface

Step 2 – Rollback

If you made any changes to the device since the last successful use, try rolling back those changes. These changes could be a program or app you installed, a setting you changed, or something else. It could be something seemingly minor. Try to remove whatever the changes that were made.

Step 3 – Retry

After you have tried either of the above methods, retry exactly what you were doing before the IT problem began. Most of the time, everything should now work normally. If things are working again, note what you did that made things work again and remember it in case it happens again. Better yet, post your story below in the comments of this post.

If your problem is not resolved, your best bet is to turn it over to the pros. You can try further troubleshooting, but be careful as this can sometimes result in more serious damage to your computer, device or software.

Report, if Trouble Continues

If you are still having trouble, report it to us.

If the problem is critical to your job or your business, contact us right away by telephone or text message. Remember, you are the one who determines whether a problem is serious or not. If you feel it needs to be addressed, don’t hesitate. We understand that any application and any device can be an important part of someone’s job.