If you’re about to make a change with your business’ IT systems, chances are you’re in research mode right now, looking for expert advice about which direction to go. You’ve most likely considered hiring an IT professional to help with the process. If so, you are heading in the right direction. However, not all IT professionals are created equal and bad advice can lead to bad decisions for you and your company.

Here are some important things to consider when looking for an IT professional:

  • 1) Educated Advice

    You can ask friends, colleagues, and even a worker at a retail store for advice about technology. You may know someone with experience who will give you good advice. This is good. Or you could meet someone who is overly confident in their own opinions and you could be sent down the wrong road. This is bad. When it comes to your business or personal IT needs, consult with an experienced IT services company who not only provides advice, but gives reasons for that advice.

  • 2) Varied Education & Experience

    Many people become experts on one thing and love to give advice on it. This is good. Specialists on subjects are an important part of our society. However, too often specialists are limited and narrow-minded, which can lead to few options. For example, if you talk to an Apple specialist who has only worked with Apple devices their entire life if an Apple performs better than a PC, they won’t have the right kind of experience to give you the right advice with equal opinions about both subjects. Seek an IT professional that has a diversity of knowledge on multiple subjects.

  • 3) Independent Perspective

    When you shop through Dell for a computer, you aren’t going to get a recommendation to buy a HP over one of their products. This is a problem when you want to get independent opinions on information technology products and services. You won’t get this when you shop with a retailer or IT consultant who is a “preferred” provider of certain brands. Always go with an IT services company that isn’t strapped to select name brands.