One could look at us and say that we are a little obsessed with information technology (IT). We will be the first to admit that we are. We are very much IT nerds. We also will admit, as will our clients, that this strong passion toward technology matters is why we are successful at what we do. It is true what they say – people who are passionate about what they do enjoy the labor of their work and often produce the best quality work.

Computers and electronics have a lot of parts that make up what they are. These parts are both hardware and software. Each part has sub-parts. Those parts have sub-sub-parts. And the depth continues. To many, trying to contemplate the complexity of a seemingly simple device or application is enough to give them a solid headache. This shouldn’t be a concern, though. There are a lot of things in this world that are complex and there is a specialist out there for nearly every subject. Finding someone who specializes in subjects that we don’t know well enough to produce answers in a timely manner is necessary for us to get answers, evolve ideas and move forward.

This is where our second passion comes in – helping people. This isn’t just a mission statement we follow. It truly brings joy to each and every one of us to provide help and solutions to those we work with.

Our coffee talks about business IT are so productive because of the fusion of these traits with the knowledge and experience that each of us possess. Applying these two passions to a discussion about technology solutions for business create a highly interesting and productive environment for those involved.

We enjoy IT. We enjoy helping people. We also like coffee and talking. Shall we grab a cup and chat?