If you are searching for an IT services company or professional for your company or personal life, you may feel a bit lost. To some, there is too much information and all of it tells you to go in a different direction. In the end, many people find themselves with more questions and fewer answers.

With all the noise out there, how does a person find the best IT consultant to help them make smart and long-lasting technology decisions?

Here are some recommendations:

  • Find a local company: While technology brings the world closer, it also can make customer service more difficult. By dealing with someone local, you will have a closer contact to reach out to when you need it. Plus, you can meet with them and know they are real (and not somebody from halfway around the world). When looking for a company, ask friends and colleagues for their recommendations.
  • Meet and greet: Before you begin a relationship with them, arrange a meeting with your rep to feel them out. This should be free. You can do this at a coffee shop or your office. Whatever you’re comfortable with.
  • Have a dedicated representative: There is nothing worse than being passed around and transferred. Work with an individual or company where you have a dedicated person to call when you need help.
  • Know what you’re getting and why: If you are being recommended products and services, ask why. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting the schematics for each thing you’re buying, but at least ask for explanations as to why they are recommending what they are recommending. Any good IT consultant will be happy to do so.
  • Good consulting isn’t free: Every company will claim to give you a free consultation and free advice, but realize that this only goes so far before a decision needs to be made about where to take the relationship. This is on you. If you have received more than what you were expecting thus far with your interactions, and you have a good feeling about them, that’s usually a good sign to move forward. If you have any hesitations, get more information before making the jump.